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We are pleased that you have desided to advertise YOUR item with MONEY TREE MAGAZINE (part of Foothills Times publications).Your item will be posted within 24 hours in await of your check for the AD. All ADS will remain on our site for 2 months unless you notify us with an email. To confirm our advertising rates: 1/8 AD is 10.00 x 2= 20.00 total, 1/4 AD $30.00 total, 1/2 page AD is $40.00 total and a FULL PAGE AD is $50.00 Total for 2 months. Your AD will stay in for 2 months, please email a picture of your item to

Please fill out the information in its entirety, that way we can begin to develop your item listing in MONEY TREE MAGAZINE. Please send all corespondance to our email address. We would be greatful if you could post and share our publication to insure future growth and success for individuals selling items.


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